Lost Safety Pin

When my Saturday afternoon was coming to an end, I sip the cappuccino frappe that I bought without a straw. It lasted for 15 minutes that I gave up waiting for the spare straw so I head back home thinking I could just drink straight from the cup. But then I remember, I had this tiny folding straw that I kept in my food stash like ketchup sachets and coffee creamers. Yes, that was it, this straw really was meant to be used today. Awesome!

Just like yesternight, when I hurriedly jump off the ride to catch up B1G Fridays, the only safety pin that holds the waistband in my loose pants just gave up. I heard it with a snap and I panicked when I saw my pants hung so low that I can almost see a part of my undies. I realized that I’ve not been thinking this would happen until it happened! How funny it is to think that I was also wearing the large shirt that I got but I cropped it out to fit right for me, but now I wished I did not cut it short. Good thing I wrap my cardigan around my waist to cover me, and ran to the bathroom, asked people if they have a spare safety pin. And then I ran into somebody I’ve seen but rarely know. I asked her and I was expecting it, I knew it. She has this only one, yes only one safety pin just settling under her bag. She told me that it was there for a long time and she never used it. But now, thankfully, I believe it was meant to be used that night.

How awesome it is to think that when we sometimes feel discouraged in our lives when we think that today is like the same day like yesterday or maybe tomorrow. When we think that our life is like a routine and not that significant. When we think about giving up from living the way we used to because it seemed not exciting anymore. When we think our own lives are not that full. When we feel useless and displaced. I really believe, there would really come a time, I am sure. For us to be found and realize how valuable we are. That somebody out there needs us and we are being searched, we just do not know. Somebody out there knows your worth and your significance.

Just like the parables in Luke chapter 15– the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, and the Lost Son.

You may be lost. But know that being lost means you are significant. Yes, you are lost, but not missing. When you are lost, you are needed to be found, but when you are missing, it is okay for you not being found.

You have a purpose. :->


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