Toilet Seat

Maybe photographers are the most afraid people. They take photos to hold on to the present that will soon be gone. Photos are like time-capsules that can be kept. Knowing that what we can see now is temporary can be recorded. Photographs can live longer and can be passed to other generations. And each photo has its own stories.

I consider myself as a photographer. Not because I have a camera. But sometimes I’m afraid. I’m afraid I might forget the joy of today that I experienced and not even sharing it to others. I’m afraid my words won’t explain enough for me to tell the story I experienced that I want it to fit into just one single photo without even explaining it.

But there are times when I just want to experience the moment by not documenting it because I might be too busy documenting that I will miss the important part. That’s where words would come in. Like food we intake each day because we need it. It eventually need to come out to be replenished again.

Honestly speaking, I haven’t gone pooping for three days now. Literally and figuratively. You see, like sitting in the toilet bowl for hours, I stared at this white blank page, ready to press on the keyboard, but nothing. No words would come out.

I believe each of us wants to communicate our own life to others. Mine, I tried communicating through photos and words. Other people communicate through drawing/painting or dancing/singing.

How about you, how do you communicate your life?

Have you been constipated like what I’ve been feeling?

Are you afraid everything will not come out as what you expected them to?

Just stay there. In the toilet seat. Be still. Relax. It will come out.

And you’ll find out why it is called “comfort room.”


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