What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for something to happen for you to be happy?
Maybe you’re waiting for the iPhone that your parents promised you. Maybe if you’re a parent,  you’re waiting for your child to treat you overseas someday when he/she becomes successful. Maybe if you’re the child, you’re waiting for your parents’ words of affirmation that you did a good job. If you’re single, maybe you’re waiting for the ideal man of your life. Maybe you’re waiting for a perfect job. Maybe you’re waiting for your promotion. Maybe you’re waiting for someone to leave, that is a burden to you, just for you to be happy. Or you’re waiting for this specific amount in your bank account for you to be happy. Or to get famous someday and become an internet sensation, for you to be happy.

And then you keep on waiting and waiting that you feel so tired and unhappy. And in the middle of your pursuit to this you called “happiness” comes a terrible storm and waves crashing that you’re drowning and you’re about to die. And then you call the name of Jesus. Admit it. Most of us, even those who are unbelievers of Jesus, swore his name like there are no other names to say when you’re on the verge of dying. You would say “Jesus, Lord, save me!”

Yes, truly. There are no higher name than the name of Jesus. And yes, He is Lord, the most high. So, I have a question for you right now– if you’re gonna die now, what would you wait? The thing you’ve been anticipating which you call happiness, or a fellowship with Jesus?

If today is your last day? Can I ask you something about Jesus? You really do heard and know about Jesus and His scandalous grace, but have you really and completely “trusted” Him with your life?

Are the very things you’ve been waiting for worth replacing than knowing Jesus? Are those things really your priorities? Is this pursuit of happiness really what you need? Can you really trust the happenings and wait for that happiness? Is happiness really what you need?

What is it really that you need now?

Please come back to your creator, the creator of every thing that you have right now, like your very own life. Please come back to Jesus. He can give you even beyond that happiness that you’re waiting, more than you can imagine. You don’t have to wait. You just have to accept this “free gift” of salvation. Yes, it is freely given. Accept this gift that is offered to you each day. Don’t ignore it please. Pay attention. Receive it and open the gift of grace. You don’t have to do anything like what they call religion. I dare you to have “faith”.  I dare you to believe. That’s all.

He is there, opening His arms. Please come back. Don’t wait for that happiness to come, because it is just a temporary pleasure that this world offers. Please come back. Surrender everything please.

Don’t wait anymore. Your need of Jesus is urgent.

Pursue Him, or nothing.

Please, come back. Now.


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