Dear KS,

I terribly miss talking to you. I’m sorry for being away and busy talking with myself. I took you for granted. Are you still there?

But I guess I’ve met you personally, I know it in my heart. I can see you somewhere and you have met me too.

Forgive me for my inner struggles. I felt like the protective face mask I’m wearing is the one that draws the line between us. The conflict of getting close to you and getting physically vulnerable at the same time. It hurts.

I guess I have to be away for a couple of months again to the wilderness. But don’t worry, I’ll keep on writing to you. I will. But please remind me. Show yourself to me sometimes so that I can be reminded.

I will continue to write to you, whether here in my blog, in my personal journal, or even in my head. I know you can hear my voice. And I know you will always be there.

Will you keep on listening to my words? Yes, I know you will, because you’re my KS.

Will you also pray for my healing? Will you pray for our continued communication, despite the battle we are in. I know we have the same God. You and I will always be in each others’ prayers.

I miss you. Really.



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