Stepping Out

There is it again. I think it was God. It was Him, who lifted me up early in the morning. He made me alert like I already waken up few hours earlier. He told me to talk to him when there’s still silence. He told me to speak with him using my voice. So I did what he said. He then told me to listen to him through his words. So I did listen and closed my eyes and I felt peace. The sun is now showing up, he urged me to step outside and go back into my morning walk. He told me not to be afraid. I was hesitating and giving excuses, but he reminded me not to worry, that he is there with me. The streets are now getting brighter so I changed my shorts and hurriedly wore my walking shoes. I stepped outside and the cold breeze welcomed me. I then started walking. My body feels lighter than before because I’m now on steroids. But as I walk further, I saw him smiling and then he let me hear the sound of the wind again, the silence of the morning, the whisper of the sun about to show up.  I saw stray dogs and people and there goes my past insecurities, but he told me to never be afraid again. So I did not fear them and walk even further. I had almost five laps and I wasn’t even feeling tired or getting perspired. I decided to walk up on the high road to meet the blanket of sunshine. The embrace of the warmth made me feel alive that he smiled again. I knew he knows that I like the sunshine so much he told me to go back to walking every morning. I want to stay longer but decided to go back home. I feel refreshed like I was not alone in my walking, as if I met my trainer in this morning exercise. He gave me a vision to pursue this, for my own good, for my parents, and for him who will support and be with me always. I stood at my window facing the sunlight and the trees swaying from the wind, I lifted my hand and touch the moving shadows like I can feel them. I know he’s always there, and that alone gave peace in my heart. Thank you.


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