Dear KS,

Is this the first page to read? or first lift of empty page to write anew?

I told myself that writing for me is a therapy. Now I realized why I’ve been sick for more than a week now, it’s because I have stopped writing.

When you’re physically weak, it’s hard to even think straight, you just want to stay in bed the whole time. I’ve been blamed a lot of times for being sickly. This maybe why God has been giving me health discipline–another prompt again for this new year.

I guess I can’t be healed physically when I’m anxious and worried about a lot of things. Especially for tomorrow, by God’s grace, I was given an opportunity to shoot for a family portrait. I honestly don’t know how to handle this situation. I kept on praying for wisdom and what the Almighty will do and allow, of course, in His will. I pray for Him to heal me physically (please pray for me also, KS) and for Him to bless the work He has given me for tomorrow. I feel weak, but He will give me strength.

Good night,


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