A Machine that Fails

Dear KS,

It’s December now, how are you??
A year has passed, I’ve turned 24 and I’m still failing in my life. I still consider myself as a machine that always fails. I got sick again, I’m late again, I got discouraged and distracted again–I am lost again.
Just like all of us. We sometimes depend too much on ourselves, our abilities, our capabilities, our money, but when we got emptied, we are all over the place. And then we rise up and walk again. And then eventually fail.

I guess we just need to raise our white flags. I admit, I cannot win this fight if I myself am so weak and incapable. We need to let the creator of the machine take over. I did not create myself, so let the Creator do the fixing in me.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to let go and surrender. But actually, it is easier to submit your failing self unto Him, who is capable of fixing you.

He will empty us, for us to depend on Him alone.
Do you feel empty? Then ask God to fill you up, and He will.




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